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Even the best-made roof will eventually encounter problems. Nothing can withstand the test of time forever. The good news is that we’ll be there to provide commercial roofing services to repair the issues. If you are building a new restaurant or looking for exterior remodeling to update your business, our new construction roofers will help you navigate through several available options for color, durability, and texture. Big Dog Roofing & Construction LLC offers a full line of residential roofing services designed to help ensure you always have the perfect roof over your head.

All roofers are not the same, and we continually show how different we are by always going the extra mile to ensure your roof is both structurally strong and aesthetically pleasing. Simply put, we put more quality and passion into every project than anyone else around. From shingle to metal roofing and more, we are knowledgeable in every form your roof may take, and we can provide you with a roof replacement in the event that you decide you need a new roof as part of a renovation project, or you simply feel that your roof has been damaged too extensively to be fixed through simple repairs. However, our construction renovation projects don’t end at your roof. When you are in the market for bathroom or kitchen remodeling for a price you can afford, we are the group to call.

If you’re looking for an experienced and professional roofing contractor in Lincoln, IL, give us a call.

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